Stanley Woodcraft Folk

The Woodcraft Folk is a national children’s & young people’s youth organisation. Our members, who as well as enjoying camps & residentials learn all about things like peace & cooperation, climate change, democracy, fair trade and issues that they choose to cover. It has to be fun and it is.

After a couple of years spending so much time & effort in helping to bring the Activity Den to the current state of splendour we are reaping the benefit and now have more members than ever.


We spent 2012 Spring Bank Holiday Weekend at our centre in beautiful Hamsterley Forest. Everyone had a fantastic time. The children really enjoyed being in the river helping run the 5th Great Den Duck race to raise funds for ourselves & the Den.


From 30th July – 9th August 2011 we attended CoCamp – the International Festival of Cooperation. This camp brought together 3000 children, young people and volunteers from all over the world to camp together – Wow!

Thanks to all who made financial donations including Town & County Councillors.

Find out more about how Woodcraft Folk works here.

 We run all age groups at the same time on Tuesdays:  

  • Elfins 6-9 years  
  • Pioneers 10-12 years  
  • Venturers 13-15 years 

 Stanley “Woodies” is held every Tuesday from 6.15pm – 7.45pm