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About The Activity Den

The Activity Den is a charitable organisation that provides activities and opportunities for children and young people. We aim to improve the lives of children and young people in Stanley and the surrounding area and to provide a community building that is safe, accessible and welcoming to all.

We are a unique project and aim to include everyone from any age group, background or lifestyle. We like to involve our members in the decisions and management of the Den – we encourage members to become Young Helpers and Young Volunteers as well as just attending the groups. This way, they develop life skills that will prepare them for the future and can take ownership of their Den.

Our members benefit from being involved in activities that focus on health, lifestyle and exercise, healthy eating, positive body image, positive mental health as well as organising stimulating activities for children and young people to socialise and take part in a community project. Through these activities they benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence and are able to make better choices about their lives.