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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of children and young people in the Tanfield Lea, Stanley and the surrounding areas, by delivering quality activities and maintaining a community building. 

The Activity Den is a unique children and young people’s project. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, democratic and young people led. Imagine a young people’s community centre where they get all the best nights, hold the power and the keys and have all the resources they need to learn and have great fun in their space. Our beautiful old refurbished Victorian School is awash with colour and opportunity designed and shaped by young people. It’s well equipped, accessible, warm
and welcoming to all who enter through our doors.
Our members benefit from being involved in activities that focus on health, lifestyle and exercise, positive body image, positive mental health as well as organising stimulating activities for children and young people to socialise and take part in a community project.

Our Aims

  • To enable young people to get involved in Den activities
  • To enable all members to have a voice in the Den decision making and Den activities
  • To increase the confidence of members to become actively involved in other community activities and events
  • To enable all members to make choices about their health and well being
  • To raise awareness of the Activity Den
  • To maintain a community building that is welcoming, safe and accessible to all
  • To increase the range of activities offered to the community
  • To enable Den groups to maintain quality services to the community
  • To improve networking between community groups, internally & locally