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The children are the future

the success of our Young Volunteer meeting

What is a young volunteer? 

A young volunteer is a young person that goes above and beyond to assist the staff and children with anything they may need help with. Basically, a young volunteer is a godsend that the Den would not be able to function without. 

On Tuesday 26th July, The young volunteers came together to brainstorm new ideas for the youth clubs as well as help write the new pledge for all volunteers coming in to the new term in September. I was lucky enough to have a seat at the meeting table and I can honestly say I have never met a group of children so driven and motivated to make a change. 

The volunteers also completed their young volunteer survey alongside the summer survey which will provide the information needed to improve our young volunteer taskforce and the Den as a whole.

The ideas that the children came up with for the clubs will all be considered and incorporated into the clubs moving forward in September.  

"I enjoy being a young volunteer because it gives a chance to socialise with the young people and make a difference to their lives. I come after school most nights a week to volunteer and carry out the tasks that are required. I also come on a Saturday morning to help out with the Sound Hub singing group. I put out the tuck shop for people, handle the cash that we take in every night. I can put the kettle on and look after my youth workers like they look after us. I really think that the Den puts in the effort to check up on us every week and ensure that it is the best place to be for young people.”- Kaylem, 13

“Coming to The Den is often my favourite time of the week. I volunteer as many nights as I can, and love doing so. I help with the tuck shop often and run the disco a lot. I also sometimes help setting up and running games. I believe that The Den really cares about all the kids’ and workers mental health. They make us laugh and smile every week without fail. I think that it is a great place for young people to attend and have fun with their friends.”- Jessica, 14