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All Aboard The James Cook!

Read all about what our Young Volunteers got up aboard The James Cook Training Vessel with OYT North!

Over the weekend our Young volunteers were given an amazing opportunity thanks to Durham Association of Boys and Girls Clubs and Ocean Youth North Trust who have recently started offering sailing opportunities specifically for young people. 

Upon arrival, the volunteers were given an opportunity to explore their surroundings, find themselves a sleeping bunk and unpacked. Everyone aboard played 'The name game' where they found out each others names and fun facts about each other, creating potential lifelong bonds and friendships.

Our volunteers were briefed in all safety procedures including the importance of life jackets and how to navigate harness lines  whilst on their trip away and were split into 'watches' and given various sailing challenges to complete.

They made a journey north up the coast to Blyth where they spent the night. Once the boat was stowed away for the night, our young people spent the evening exploring ashore, playing on the beach and even had chance to grab a delicious ice-cream before returning to the ship for their evening supper.

"My favourite part was driving the boat, and working as a team to tie up the boat."

"I liked sweating the sails, which is getting the sail into the air. You have to hold onto a rope and lift your feet in the air".

"We learnt loads of different ways to tie knots, like an OXO knots"

These are just a few of the comments shared from our Young Volunteers on their return about their experiences, and given the opportunity they would 100% do it all again! It is clear to see that they had an amazing weekend and gained not only valuable knowledge and skills, but lifelong memories and friendships, as they are planning to keep in touch with other young people through their own group chat.

We couldn't be prouder of our Young Volunteers for representing The Den,  giving this sailing residential their all and throwing themselves into every activity.